Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Counting Down the Days

Greetings Friends,

My name is Tim Conrod and I am the designated "blogger" for Western New England College Seminar Abroad in South Africa: FIFA World Cup 2010 Delegation sponsored by the Center of International Sport Business (aka WNECSASAFWCCISB or simply "the Delegation"). I will be keeping you, the reader, up to date with the goings on and happenings our group encounters before, after, and during our trip.

As we prepare for our departure, the countdown sits at two weeks until we board our first airplane which will take us to an airport in Dubai. This flight will be followed by a short layover in Dubai, a flight into Pretoria, and the true beginning of our trip.

That being said, the next two weeks will be filled with many assigned tasks (including the creation of this blog) as well as any last minute preparations. Copies of passports must be made, credit card companies must be called, and the endless packing and list making will hopefully result in nothing left behind.

I know I'm excited for the trip. A trip that will undoubtedly be filled with memories for our whole delegation, tons of photos from the founder of our trip, Professor Curt Hamakawa, and maybe even a few style tips from our fashion guru and faculty traveler, Dr. Daniel Covell.

More to come....

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