Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Final Countdown

All good, even great, things must come to an end. This holds true with our trip. Today we had time after AM seminar to hang out. We tried to cram all of the extra stuff were bringing home as gifts into our already crammed bags, relaxed, and got ready for our final match. Today's match was even in Pretoria so there was no lengthy trip back and fourth from the stadium. We did however have to walk because security wasn't letting even people as heavily credentialed as our delegation though the back entry ways. Plus 50 pts for security.

Security was also very effective taking everyones tickets as they walked in. The metal detectors were used and I was even padded down by a gaurd on the way in. Plus 100 pts for security. They didn't run out of food or beer plus 100 pts for the venue. Bathroom access was rough but I won't subtract any points as this was the best venue we had been to in about a week.

The match was cold once again with temperatures right around 40 degrees. We had awesome seats between the corner and middle lines about 4 rows up. Even with refrigerator perry in front of me, I had a great view. It was probably the most boring match we saw because Uraguay was so dominant. The South African crowd was once again electric up until the team gave up it's first goal and showed no signs of life. After the second goal, which was a penalty kick that followed a red card on the keeper, the crowd was essentially silent. We ducked out with like 5 minutes to go and had a nice quick trip home.

If we've lucked out anything on this trip, it's that we haven't had to wait around for anything after the game was over. Our driver knows where to go to get us home in a timely manner. Everything is packed and we're gonna play cards before bed but tomorrows the big day.

More after the flights....

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