Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Food Review

Curt suggested that I review all the fine cuisine we took in this week. Since we didn't take in any, I'll briefly review all the fast food places we hit.

It should also be known that fast food over seas is way slower than here. People in the kitchen just sit around and wait until the person at the cash wrap takes like 5 orders then they start moving around. Then when like three orders are made, they call them all out at once often not in the order they were ordered. It's frustrating because we're all so used to the motivation and can-do attitude behind our fast food counters.

Steers: 4/5 Stars. This was the true fan favorite. I was unable to sample this establishment fine eats. However, the rest of the group scored it between 3 and 5 so I averaged the scores. This place offered burgers and chicken sandwiches that really pleased all the delegates especially Dave Quack.

Chicken Lickin': 3.5/5 Stars. My personal favorite pit stop. The low rating is based on the low level of diversity on the menu. Essentially, you could get chicken. The forms included popcorn, wings, regular fried, and sliders. All are delicious and if your ever in South Africa and need your KFC fix (and don't want to go to KFC, an official sponsor of South African Badminton) head over to the Chicken Lickin'.

King Pie: 2.5/5 stars. This was our first real stop for food when we were at the lower class mall. It sells hot pockets and fries. Some are cooked all the way through and others not so much. It's a mixed bag to say the least but with each meal under like 4 dollars you can't go wrong if you got robbed that day or felt like slummin' it. Each person who went only went once.

Su-Chi: 4.5/5 Stars: This rating might be based on the general rut we had in our eating habbits. Su-Chi is an eatery that features Japanese Sushi and Chinese food. Not only is the name clever but the food is delicious. We got to east sweet and sour and general tso style chicken just like at home. IT was a very welcome change and I expect this chain that currently only has two locations to expand nation wide.

Scooters Pizza: 3.5/5 Stars: This particular eatery is South Africa's answer to Domino's. If your pizza isn't there in 39 minutes or less it's free. Ours took like 2 hours but we didn't complain even after they almost doubled our order and charged us for it. Sure it may have been my fault that our true order got lost in translation but thats neither here nor there. Best 240 rand pizza I ever ate. Pizza was pretty good, no more no less.

Wimpy's: 4/5 Stars: Wimpy's was awesome. I really enjoyed my burger because it was actually cooked unlike at a McDonalds or steers type offering. The fries were crisp and although the wait was a little extra, I was pleased with my result. Many shyed away from ordering Wimpy's because the obnoxious woman on the safari suggested against it. She also wanted to know when Giraffe's could conceive (even after I told her the age of consent was 16). Regaurdless, my opinion doesn't matter and most took her advice not to try Wimpy's.

McDonald's was the same except the fry portions were smaller. It was tasty but I can't rank it because I've had it before.

I'm sure all these establishments have international websites. Be sure to check them out if you are going to travel to Africa (urbanized Africa).

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